5 Spheres of Health


How do you define health?

Defining health could be a full time job. What exactly makes us healthy?We define health by categories that fit into life and well being. Those categories are what we call the 5 spheres. They are Environmental Influences, Response to stress, Physical Activity, Diet and Nutrients, and Community and Purpose. We realize that you are not what your disease or condition is labeled you are a whole person. We treat you that way and try to bring balance to the spheres of life by encouraging and promoting healthy choices and practices.

Environmental Influences

The role of environmental issues is a big one. How much toxins are you exposed to and the process of eliminating them is a huge one. Other things as appropriate exposure to sunlight, EMF exposure and your gut microflora are huge indicators of feeling well.

response to stress

How well do you cope with stress and resolve it. The impact of stress on your body can be numerous. Discovering lifestyle factors as well as a healthy mind is key to combating the effects of long term stress on your body.

Physical activity

Healthy movement keeps your joints strong and flexible so you don’t experience pain and other forms of dysfunction. Body and spinal alignment is crucial to overall health.

Diet and nutrients

Getting the right macro and micro nutrients for your body is how the systems of our body do what they do. If one is lacking or too much then even genes get expressed differently. How and what you cook plays an important role in health. Along with supplementation of nutrients can help boost your system to heal.

Community and purpose

We believe that this is the most crucial aspect of the 5 spheres. Life should be lived with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. What type of relationships do you have? Are they close? Do you have a sense of being a part of something greater? These are questions to ask and to seek out community. You will feel better and more connected.


Are you ready to discover what your five spheres could look like? Let us help!