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ergonomic solutions to workplace problems

We believe the best solutions to problems is to identify what is causing it and make it better so that it doesn’t occur in the first place. There are many biomechanical factors to look at when considering making corrections. There is a right way to do things and when we are outside of that norm for extended periods of time your body adapts to those changes. Some changes are good and some are bad. What we strive for is to find the solutions for individuals rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

We are unique in that we do what would be considered classical ergonomic workplace corrections. We also provide observations of the human movement side of things as well. We believe this is more important. For example; we can recommend a chair to use but without proper education on how to sit and function then the pain and dysfunction will always return. So we have this unique approach of both and are trained to look for improper worker situations that cause injury as well as faulty positions and movements.

Below is what we off companies in Goshen and surrounding cities, looking for ergonomic solutions:


Ergonomic CONSULTATION and corrections

The purpose of our ergonomic process is to create an environment that enhances both human performance and well-being. That is the core of our philosophy. In simpler terms we want to create an environment through education of proper movement so that people can enjoy their lives at work and at home. The main process involved in this is to start with a comprehensive company background questionnaire that will help guide Dr. Kauffman to what areas need improvement. From there he will be on-site to establish a relationship with the company and observe the many tasks and duties of the employees.

This process is very specific to each individual. It is not a cookie cutter approach. After compiling the information and areas that need improvement, Dr. Kauffman will recommend certain workstation improvement as well as further education on human movement to keep employees healthy.

The most common workplace injuries today are what is called repetitive motion or cumulative trauma. This can be something as simple as stapling panels together all day with one hand or even things such as sitting for extended periods of time. Both are cumulative.

Here is the outline process we do for ergonomic evaluations:

  1. Determine measurement criteria and target jobs

  2. Gather job background information

  3. Identify ergonomic risk factors

  4. Discover interventions

  5. Screen the interventions

  6. Implement interventions

  7. Tracking the effectiveness of those inteventions


Injury Prevention Training

We provide educational opportunities for Dr. Kauffman to come to the place of business and go through a program to learn new ways of preventing spinal and extremity injuries in the workplace. The most common injuries in the workplace today are musculoskeletal disorders. The best way to combat these types of injuries is to prevent them in the first place.

When we can prevent the majority of these types of conditions then there is a cost savings benefit to the employer and the employee feels better and is healthier for it. The economic and physical burden can be reduced.

With this program the goal is to educate employers and employees of the safe and effective ways to prevent this debilitating condition. Our services are a per day training. The day training is $1000 per day. Contact us today!