What to Expect on a First Visit  

When you come to your first visit we gather a few things first.

1st. Filling out forms helps Dr. Kauffman know what is causing you pain and discomfort and provides a better overall picture of your condition. 

2nd. Dr. Kauffman will ask specific questions about your condition to understand more about what is causing it. 

3rd. A thorough examination of the muscles, ligaments and joints to see what the cause of your discomfort is.  

4th. Then Dr. Kauffman takes all the information gathered from intake to examination to form a game plan to care for your condition. This includes what you expect out of treatment. A long term condition requires a long term plan in order to be effective.  A short or acute term condition takes less time to balance out. 

New Patient Appointment

To set up an appointment fill out the simple form below and someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible to set one up! 

Many are searching today for “Chiropractor near me”. Your life matters and we want to be your health and wellness center. If you are ready to set up an appointment you can call, text, message or schedule online via our online portal! Just click the link and follow the instructions!


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