Onsite Chiropractic


What is onsite chiropractic?

Onsite Chiropractic is a new way of looking at healthcare for your business needs. It can be large companies or small companies. This program through WorksiteRight is a great way to help the employees of your company as well as save in overall healthcare costs.

It is specific to each companies needs and the needs of the employees. With onsite chiropractic care the employees will experience health and wellness from work with no travel to go see someone offsite.

It has been a privilege of mine to work Onsite through WorksiteRight in a manufactured homes company and see how the health of the employees has improved and they seek out better options for their pain as well as learn how to prevent pain at work.

If you want Dr. Kauffman to speak at your place of business or work then contact him via email at avadchiropractic@gmail.com to set up a speaking appointment with the company.