Listen to what your body is telling you


What are classes like?

The classes utilize biofeedback technology that can tell you real time if your body systems are in balance. Things such as stress, anxiety, panic, can all affect how our bodies function. When we can take a pause and listen to what our body tells us then we are better able to change and get better. When we can get into that rest and relax state our bodies can heal better and you will be able to shut off the stress response in the moment to better handle life.

What would life look like if your whole body: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects would be in balance? Life can be vibrantly lived out this way. Experience better balance.

Who would benefit from these classes?

These classes will benefit anyone who experiences stress and anxiety as well as panic attacks. It is also beneficial for chronic pain. Things such as PTSD and ADHD will improve from these classes. It will allow you to be able to shut off the stress response to better handle life situations. When we listen to what our bodies tell us we can better tell when we need to rest and allow our bodies to heal properly.

How many classes are required to notice difference?

10 sessions usually show the greatest signs of balance. So based on that number we recommend 10 sessions over 5 weeks. The strategies you will learn through the 10 sessions will give you hope and you will better understand what balance feels like and how to get there on your own.

How much does a class cost?

We offer single sessions for $70. Packages of 3 are $180, packages of 5 $300 and packages of 10 are $500.