The busy parent: 5 ways to get well in all aspects of your life without breaking the bank account!

Wellness. What is wellness to you? Like most of us wellness isn’t really defined in order for us to completely understand it. Well you are in luck, we are going to do just that. Wellness in our practice means we treat the whole person with natural ways to get there. That means we are not just concerned with your pain but healthy food choices which may include supplements (don’t worry, they are not going to break your pocket book), weight management, and mental health.

These things make up the whole you. Your physical needs, food needs, and mental needs. That covers a lot of ground!

Now to the nitty gritty. Here are 5 ways to get well in all aspects of your life!

  1. Exercise- Can’t stress this one enough. Getting a healthy amount of physical exercise is key. It helps keep your joints flexible and moving right. It helps with your mind. When you exercise it releases feel good chemicals that you and your brain love! Keep doing it and you will start to feel better. Consistency is key. It could be that you love basketball. So play basketball a few times a week. It doesn’t have to be complex. Just get up and move in healthy ways!

  2. Eat more vegetables- This one gets beat over the head too many times but here goes. It just needs to happen. Getting more variety of vegetables and fruit helps with digestion, antioxidants, healthy liver, vitamins, minerals and co-factors. The co-factors are things in the plants that you can’t get elsewhere. So increase those veggies. Start small and build from there, even if it is just one piece of broccoli a day!

  3. Supplements- Oh the dreaded supplement conversation. Supplements (from brands that are trustworthy) work when used right. It is a supplement to your diet so getting a good diet is the main thing. However you need more of certain things that the diet sometimes lacks (especially if your diet consists of donuts and a pepsi) :)

  4. Think good thoughts- Well now that I said it, it might be a little harder to do. You have all probably heard just try harder. Like if that was the answer I would have done it by now! But in reality a positive outlook is crucial in getting well. Above all else surround yourself with positive people. When the circumstances around you fall apart and they will, it is awesome to have your mind right to keep moving. Do this: write on a post it note your number one goal and put it on your mirror. This way you are always looking at the goal in front of you. Keeps you going!

  5. Chiropractic care- You didn’t think I would put this in here did you? Well hear me out. Chiropractic care helps people keep moving. Hence tying into the number 1 thing on this wellness list. Moving healthily= feeling better. So in essence chiropractic care helps you to move in a healthier way. So get checked!

If you have any questions about the above list or wellness in general then shoot me a question in the comments below! And if you like the blog post consider sharing it. That way you are a part of spreading the good word of wellness!


Dr. K