MUST READ: One of the best ways to fight inflammation

What in the world is inflammation anyway? That word gets tossed around quite a bit and does anyone really know what it is? Well there are some smart people out there (way smarter than me) that know what it’s all about.

Basically inflammation is how the body heals. It’s actually a good thing, to a point. See when you get a cut or injury a ligament or bone your body recruits certain chemicals that are naturally produced in your body that help to bring blood and white blood cells to the area of injury to clean out the injury. This is good! Then your body starts to lay down certain collagen fibers that help to repair what was injured. This is good too!

This is under the umbrella of inflammation. So why is inflammation bad? For starters if that pathway gets stuck in a perpetual state because the injured site keeps getting injured or if the signals from your brain are saying, “someone get down to the injury!” then it gets stuck in that state, which long term degrades your body tissues and causes more damage.

So, what to do?

Through specific means of getting the right messages. Easy right? Well not so much but there are some ways to help the body out and get the chemicals just right to help you heal. That is through supplementation of turmeric and bromelain. I take these two supplements combined in a great supplement that helps with inflammation and the pain associated with that.

Natural Turmeric supplement

How it works is fascinating! Bromelain helps to break up tissue that is unwanted then your body can lay down the right kind of tissue to heal an injury. Turmeric helps to fight inflammation by dealing with the inflammatory pathways. This combination is the right one-two punch to take care of inflammatory type pain.

It is so versatile to use that things like managing arthritis pain will be reduced dramatically. The uses don’t stop there. Things like early injuries such as ankle sprain or rotator cuff injury will benefit this as well. It will clear the debri from the injury and start the correct healing process.

So when looking for a natural way to treat injuries or pain look no further than this turmeric, bromelain combination for the fix!

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Dr. K