How to Keep Your Discs Healthy

Your spine is made up of a few different joints between each vertebra and like a joint they act to enhance movement and make movement easier. One of these joints is between the vertebra and the spinal disc. The disc acts as a shock absorber for the spine and a lot of the energy and compressing we experience throughout the day is transmitted to the disc. We often hear about someone who has a herniated disc or a bulging disc. Those structures are prone to essentially rupturing when certain points of stress are put on it for too long. When that happens it is not a good feeling. The symptoms are most often pain, tingling, or numbness in the leg and foot. Even a weakness of the leg and foot can be associated with it. 

Many people seek out treatment for this every day. So what exactly can we do to maintain the disc health and why you should take this seriously, especially if you already experience low back pain or neck pain. 

It all starts with getting the right nutrients so that your body can use them to repair and maintain the structures in the correct way. Manganese and vitamin C are crucial to repair and maintenance of ligaments and tendons and are greatly beneficial when dealing with disc problems. This allows the body to repair it better and more efficiently when the right amounts are used. 

Another thing is walking. Most people don't want to walk when their back is hurting or legs but walking with arms swinging is a great way for help the disc "pump" and remove waste as well as get the right fluid in the disc to repair it. A simple 10 minute walk with arms moving can help to decrease the pain sensitivity that a bulging or herniated disc can cause. 

Probably the best way to keep spinal discs healthy is chirorpactic adjustments. Adjustments help to correct lack of movement in the joints and restore the proper movement. It also helps to "pump" the disc and help to heal the material that may be damaged. With the proper adjustments given it can really help with the health of your spinal discs as well as decrease the pain that you are feeling.