5 Things to Better Your Health

We all want better health. Lets face it being healthy is harder now that it was in the past. At least the near past. One thing that dampens our ability to become healthier is a mindset and stress. If we would realize how much stress affects our health then we would get a little more serious about doing something about. Just drinking another energy drink to get through the day does more harm than good in the long run. So what can we do to get to better health? In this blog I will discuss 5 ways that can simplify health.


1. Eat more whole food

This gets talked about a lot but how does someone do that, that hates veggies? Well for starters see what kind of vegetables you do like. If there is one or two that you don't mind then eat a couple servings of those a day. One at lunch and dinner. The key is to start small so that you don't feel like you're going vegetarian. 

2. Cut out processed foods

This one is a no brainer. Processed foods are high in things that cause inflammation. This is not good when it comes to being more healthy and feeling better. Things such as Omega-6 fatty acids are proven to be inflammatory and need to be limited. Cutting out the sugar is very beneficial as well. Sugar keeps you wanting more with no positive effects. This one can be the toughest of all because we are so used to things having sugar in them. There is hidden sugar in almost everything that you eat that is processed in some way. Again this one is super difficult so start small. If you eat 5 cookies after dinner or 2 bowls of ice cream (sometimes you just gotta do it), try eating 3 cookies and work from there. The goal isn't to get rid of everything at once, or you will experience the consequences of sugar withdraw and give up!

3. Drink More Water

Our bodies need water to survive. When we don't get enough water our bodies cry out to us in the forms of headaches, fatigue, crankiness. We need to get water and I mean pure water. I still like spring water as it has minerals that other types of water are missing. Some people say it tastes like dirt, but hey it's natural right?

4. Exercise

Exercise is fantastic not only for your body but mind as well. Just simply taking a 10 minute walk over lunch can improve mood and your health. It doesn't have to be super intense of exercise to benefit from it. Just get out and move! Our bodies were meant to move and interact with out surroundings. Starting with walks then stepping up to more intense of exercises is a great way to feel better. 

5. Get adjusted

Now I know what you are thinking. A chiropractor telling me to get adjusted. Yes, that is true but I never knew what it was like to be adjusted on a regular basis for my overall well being. When I am in pain I tend to not like what I am doing as much because it hinders my ability to do the things I love. It helps you to move better, feel less pain, and improves your mood. I think that this helps me to be motivated to keep my health in check because I can feel when I need to get adjusted. Not everyone will but by getting adjusted on a regular basis you will begin to see how much better you feel!

There you have it a simple list of things that I do and recommend to my patients and everyone that I talk to. Remember it is the little steps done every day that adds up to big results. Focus on getting 1% better everyday and by the end of the year you will be amazed at the results!