Diet Dos and Don'ts for a Problem Gallbladder

Many people experience gallbladder problems in the form of stones or other pain symptoms where the gallbladder contracts tremendously to cause pain. These problems can be alleviated with the proper diet. With this blog post we will go through the problems of the gallbladder how they are causing you trouble and how to fix them.

What is the gallbladder exactly?

It is a small sac located near your liver. Right side of your body near the lower edge of your ribs. This small sac is what holds bile. It doesn’t make it, your liver does that for you. The gallbladder is storing the bile for quick release when you need it after a fatty meal. This is super important because you can better digest the fat you are ingesting.

So what are the reasons behind the formation of gallstones?

It can be tied to hereditary factors which is something to keep in mind. But the most important is bile composition. In other words what makes up your specific bile composition. And that is directly tied to what you are ingesting in your food. Cholesterol content in your blood actually increases the risk of gallstones because it is the “sticky” stuff. So anything that can decrease the formation of too much cholesterol is good. I say too much cholesterol because you need that too to function. A healthy amount.

Who gets gallstones?

The studies show that certain people are more commonly getting gallstones. Overweight women, Diabetics and people who have inflammation of the intestinal tract caused by the wrong foods. Processed foods especially. This can include infections as well.

Is Prevention Possible?

If you have diabetes and have a family history of gallstones and you are taking medications that make gallstone formation more likely then you may develop gallstones now matter how hard you try to prevent. So talking with your doctor about the medications you take is important factor. But nutrition has proven to be super beneficial in the prevention of gallstone formation. According to Scott Grundy, M.D. ,”the intake of calories, fat, cholesterol and fiber have been shown to affect bile composition.” So getting the right amount of nutrient intake is crucial to preventing these things. Sugar and processed foods have shown in studies to increase the probability of the formation of gallstones. So with all that being said let’s talk about the Dos and Don’ts of gallstone formation.

Food Type: Allowed

Vegetables: All kinds, cooked, raw in any form. Vegetables will help you to get fiber which helps to help with the transport of the bile.

Fish: All non-fatty varieties

Cheeses: cottage only

Breads: all kinds except those with added fat

Meats: Broiled, baked roasted or stewed. Lean beef, chicken, lamb, pork, veal

Fats: Vegetable oil especially extra virgin olive oil

Seasonings: In moderation: salt, pepper, spices

The best way to prevent gallstone formation is to get a variety of vegetables in your diet to increase the fiber intake. This will allow your body to process the bile more efficiently.