Proper Workplace/Desk Design

What does a good chair feel like and look like? How close should I sit to my computer? Where should I place my feet? These are all questions that get asked a lot when talking about proper workplace or desk design. These questions are not a one-size-fits solution either. Ergonomics helps to solve these problems in the workplace so that there is more efficiency as well as decrease in musculoskeletal dysfunction. Problems that you can run into with ergonomics is that it is not the whole answer. Human movement and function should be addressed with design of workplace as well.

What is human movement in workplace design mean? For starters you want to provide the most efficient workplace station but then observe how the worker is interacting with his environment. When you do this you get objective data on common biomechanical errors in movement. These types of things are slouching even though the chair is ergonomically designed. Others could be bending from the back instead of using the hips as they were designed to do. It is the little things and details that add up that make the biggest impact on workplace injury prevention.