How to Decrease Stress Naturally

Bad stress effects every one of us. We go through the day-to-day stuff just barely surviving because of debilitating stress. Overwhelm leads to burnout which leads to chronic disease. Our bodies are meant to take a lot but when it becomes exhaustion stage our bodies actually start to break down.

Here are some ways to decrease stress naturally. Staying consistent and committed to decreasing stress is key. Don’t give up we are here for you!

First on the list is sleep. Getting proper amounts of sleep is crucial for your health. 7-8 hours of sleep is best. When we sleep our bodies can “reboot” to better handle the day. Have you ever been so tired trying to get through the day? Nothing seems to go right. If you struggle with sleep trying some of the other ways to decrease stress may actually help your mind get into sleep mode. Other methods are CBD oil as well as a low dose melatonin.

Next is pausing throughout your day. What do I mean by pause? Well by pausing and really focusing on your thoughts and the quality of them you can determine if those may be causing some stress. Setting aside 10 minutes 3 times a day to pause and focus on deeper breathing helps to bring your mind and body into balance. It is a form of meditation but I call it pause because it is the rest that you need throughout your day to be more calm and relaxed. I like pausing to a guided pause where someone is talking you through relaxing or anxious thoughts into a more peaceful state.

Third on the list is supplements and herbs. There are a few that are recommended for stress and anxiety. One being CBD oil. CBD oil has been proven to affect your whole body to help calm and relax the nervous system. In response your mind and body feel more at ease. Another way to decrease stress naturally is to take Ashwagandha. This herb has been proven to help with the stress response to bring about calmness. It also decrease the stress hormone cortisol. Win-win.

Fourth on the list is exercise. Exercise not only helps your body to produce stress fighting chemicals it also makes you healthier. Add in a positive community that surrounds you for your health then you have almost all the 5 spheres of health that we believe is the key to health.

There you have it four different ways of how to decrease stress naturally. Let me know what has worked for you now and in the past. I would love to hear your thoughts!