How to Choose the Best Chiropractor

With so many differing treatment options out there is it any wonder that people are skeptical? Choosing the best options for your health is of crucial importance and it is not different when choosing the best chiropractor in your area. There are a few questions to consider when choosing the best chiropractor. We will discuss what to look for in a chiropractor.

  1. Are they up front?

This one is a tough one to see through, but it is probably the most important. Is the chiropractor you are searching for honest and reliable. To get to know the chiropractor is also tough because to get to know them you have to be around them. What we like to do is meet people so that they can get to know us and we can get to know you in order to better help you. Our goal is always relational.

Another way to check out if the chiropractor is up front is to check out there website. Do they seem genuine in their online presence. Check out any videos they may have to see what they are like.

2. Do they continue to learn and improve upon their art?

Just like a painter would not consider himself accomplished fully in art, so it is with chiropractic. We all can be learners of health and that is no different with choosing the best chiropractor. Check to see if they are continuing their studies and mastering it.

3. Finally does the chiropractor help you get the results your body needs?

This again is a tough one without actually going through treatment. But see if they have had success in the past based on reviews and what others say. Usually when looking for the “best chiropractor near me” this will not be easy but the best chiropractor will listen to your needs and form a game plan as to what to expect out of getting treated. That way you can know and be confident in your choice.

Overall when you are looking for the best chiropractor look for someone who puts your needs first.

Chiropractic's Role in Herniated Disc Conditions

The Pained Disc

One of the most common causes of debilitating low back pain is the herniated disc. It affects roughly 33 percent of the population. It can be of great pain and life altering consequence. An option that is most sought out is surgery. But with surgery comes more complications and even what is called failed back surgery syndrome. Which is even more common than the disc herniation.

There are other conservative treatment options that are very effective without drugs or surgery. Chiropractic’s role in this is many. Specifically flexion distraction therapy. Here is a link that explains more in detail about the technique (Click Here). The basics of this is to help get the disc material to retract off the nerve and back into the actual disc itself. See what happens when a disc herniation occurs is the disc cushion that is within pushes outside of the stronger material and hits on the nerve near the disc. This is when you start to experience pain and radiating symptoms into the leg. This is a problem that too many people face.

Flexion Distraction Therapy in Depth

Here is a schematic of the technique.

Flexion Distraction Therapy

Flexion Distraction Therapy

This simple but very effective technique creates negative pressure within the disc so that the disc material can more easily get back to where it needs to be. The chiropractor will put pressure along the lumbar spine and move the bottom half of the table down and out. What this allows is decompression of the spine. This means that you don’t feel pain as bad and eventually the disc will heal by making sure you are watching your posture and movements. Along with this technique you will be given exercises to train the core to stabilize the spine. This is a crucial part in treatment as well.


This treatment has seen great results and as much as 90% of people can resolve a herniated disc. Treatments will be done over a 4 to 6 week period with 8-12 treatments in that span. This has proven the most beneficial and patients should see a moderate improvement even after a few visits.

If you know someone who could benefit from this technique then try it out. It is a successful conservative treatment for herniated disc as well as bulging discs.

Chiropractic for Sciatic Pain: Does it work?

Sciatic can be a pain in the butt…literally. Sciatic pain is no fun. If you have experienced it then you know what I am talking about. With this type of pain the sciatic nerve which is the largest nerve in the body, can become entrapped or not move correctly thus causing pain. There are many structures involved that could be affecting this nerve and we will get into the hows soon. Chiropractic is one solution to this type of pain. Adjustments are one facet of chiropractic care. Other treatments include trigger point therapy and forms of nerve mobilization that helps to mobilize the nerve.

Getting to the nitty gritty now. The how behind why you feel sciatic nerve pain.


The sciatic nerve is formed from lumbar and sacral nerves. So understanding anatomy in detail will help to understand why this nerve gets impacted the way it does. Below is a picture of where the sciatic nerves come together to form.

Sciatic nerve formation

Sciatic nerve formation

This is super important to know because if you notice the muscle near the nerve on the left as you are looking at the picture, it is very near the sciatic nerve. This is one area where the nerve can get entrapped and you start to feel the tingling and pain. This type of pain can be really bad when you sit for long periods of time because the pressure is being applied even more when you sit down.

One way to get rid of this entrapment is to get trigger point therapy specifically geared towards the piriformis muscle. This doesn’t feel the greatest at first but it will lessen the tingling and pain from the entrapment.


Another way that the sciatic nerve can be affected is bulging or herniated discs. This type of pain is specific to the level of the disc. So if the disc affected is L5 then the S1 nerve will be affected which follows a certain path into the leg and foot. This type of pain can be debilitation because you have the back pain from the disc as well as the leg pain. Conservative treatment should be tried first to help the disc heal and the nerve. It is said that at any given time roughly 50% of people walk around with disc bulges or herniations, but some don’t feel pain at all besides discomfort.

Certain chiropractic techniques, such as flexion distraction, focus on the low back and disc pain. These types of treatments will take about 8-12 visits to see noticeable results but it can help with the really sharp acute pain of a disc herniation.

Along with adjustments certain maneuvers can be utilized to free up the nerve. Nerve mobilizations help to free up the restrictions that may be present with the bulging/herniated disc.

These types of treatments should be tried first before considering surgery. Surgery is an option for this type of pain but with chiropractic or physical therapy the surgery can be abated. Conservative treatments are successful most of the time if performed by a competent Doctor. Finding the right fit is key for your condition!

I would love to know your thoughts on the subject!

CrossFit and Chiropractic

Injuries can set us all back even if not competing. It drags us down so that we have to rest and recover. Without the rest and recovery phase you might not get back into top shape or even compete at all. That is why it is super important to prevent these injuries and when they do happen treat them quickly.

More and more research is saying that the quicker you provide healthy movement in care the quicker the injury can heal. What does this mean for CrossFit athletes? First by getting chiropractic care on a maintenance basis, the chiropractor can assess to see if you are at an increase risk for injury by range of motion, tissue function and pain. Second, once identified those movement hindrances can be corrected with care. Third, if you get injured seeing a chiropractor first thing can help speed up recovery and healing. Fourth, It can improve your performance.

All of this means you can get back to training and competing. So let’s delve into each of those aspects.


If you knew that you could injure yourself if you kept it up would you prevent it? Of course. An injury can set you back from getting in the gym. That is no bueno. By getting regular chiropractic care you can easily see if there is an increased risk of injury from faulty movement and biomechanical alterations. A chiropractor trained to see these things in athletes will better to help form a plan to prevent these things.


Once an injury occurs, which if you are an athlete more than likely has happened, you want quick treatment that is effective. Chiropractic can help to treat these injuries quickly and naturally so you are not out for long periods of time. Injuries don’t have to keep you out for long if you get it treated quickly. We try to prevent surgeries because that can be an even bigger set back or career ending. The point is to get quick and effective treatment of these injuries so that you can get back to doing work.


When there is an imbalance in the structures of the body you won’t be able to get the performance that you want. When the pelvis is misaligned it shifts the center of gravity to the side shifting the body mechanics. Try having that lack of movement in that plane and then go PR squat. You will not be able to get the best range of motion as well as muscle power. When the pelvis is sitting right then you can get deeper squat and more power coming out of the squat. This equals better performance in lifting.

In short CrossFit and Chiropractic goes hand in hand when improving performance and decreasing injuries. This equals more time training and competing and less time sitting around.

How Chiropractic can benefit weightlifters

Chiropractic has many different benefits for any individual. However athletes are one population that can benefit even more from chiropractic care. Athletes, weightlifters included, are exposed to different joint mechanics and stressors that can cause damage to the joints, ligaments, or tendons. Even a little damage to the joints can later cause harm in the form of arthritis or even tears of the soft tissue which needs surgery to repair. Chiropractic focuses on preventing those things from happening by increasing ROM in the joints as well as correct length of the soft tissues. Below we we get into the benefits of getting chiropractic care for weightlifters.


If there was something to improve your performance in a natural way without the use of supplements would you do it? With getting adjustments of the spine and pelvis it helps to keep your body weight distributed evenly. When there is a misalignment of the pelvis especially, then the weight of your body is shifted. Add that lifting heavier weights then you are increasing the risk of injury by a lot. By getting adjusted on a maintenance basis it will keep your spine in the correct alignment thus allowing you to use your body’s biomechanics to your benefit. This means lifting more, and getting more out of your workouts, to get those gains you want.


Another great benefit of chiropractic is the prevention of injuries. You wouldn’t want to wait until something was so bad that it needed surgery? I don’t think anyone would want that. Chiropractic allows the body to be in proper alignment so as not to injure the tissues in the spine and extremities. Along with adjustments a skilled chiropractor can give you specific exercises to prevent other injuries from occurring.


Not only can you prevent injuries from occurring but treat them in a way that is not with drugs or surgery. Getting treatment early in the injury can greatly decrease the return to workout time. A chiropractor can also use other modalities to decrease pain from the injury and to speed up recovery. One such way is kinesio taping.

Weightlifters should try to find a chiropractor who has some experience working with athletes. These chiropractors will be accustomed to seeing these types of injuries. Chiropractic for weightlifters can greatly help you recover and perform better.

The busy parent: 5 ways to get well in all aspects of your life without breaking the bank account!

Wellness. What is wellness to you? Like most of us wellness isn’t really defined in order for us to completely understand it. Well you are in luck, we are going to do just that. Wellness in our practice means we treat the whole person with natural ways to get there. That means we are not just concerned with your pain but healthy food choices which may include supplements (don’t worry, they are not going to break your pocket book), weight management, and mental health.

These things make up the whole you. Your physical needs, food needs, and mental needs. That covers a lot of ground!

Now to the nitty gritty. Here are 5 ways to get well in all aspects of your life!

  1. Exercise- Can’t stress this one enough. Getting a healthy amount of physical exercise is key. It helps keep your joints flexible and moving right. It helps with your mind. When you exercise it releases feel good chemicals that you and your brain love! Keep doing it and you will start to feel better. Consistency is key. It could be that you love basketball. So play basketball a few times a week. It doesn’t have to be complex. Just get up and move in healthy ways!

  2. Eat more vegetables- This one gets beat over the head too many times but here goes. It just needs to happen. Getting more variety of vegetables and fruit helps with digestion, antioxidants, healthy liver, vitamins, minerals and co-factors. The co-factors are things in the plants that you can’t get elsewhere. So increase those veggies. Start small and build from there, even if it is just one piece of broccoli a day!

  3. Supplements- Oh the dreaded supplement conversation. Supplements (from brands that are trustworthy) work when used right. It is a supplement to your diet so getting a good diet is the main thing. However you need more of certain things that the diet sometimes lacks (especially if your diet consists of donuts and a pepsi) :)

  4. Think good thoughts- Well now that I said it, it might be a little harder to do. You have all probably heard just try harder. Like if that was the answer I would have done it by now! But in reality a positive outlook is crucial in getting well. Above all else surround yourself with positive people. When the circumstances around you fall apart and they will, it is awesome to have your mind right to keep moving. Do this: write on a post it note your number one goal and put it on your mirror. This way you are always looking at the goal in front of you. Keeps you going!

  5. Chiropractic care- You didn’t think I would put this in here did you? Well hear me out. Chiropractic care helps people keep moving. Hence tying into the number 1 thing on this wellness list. Moving healthily= feeling better. So in essence chiropractic care helps you to move in a healthier way. So get checked!

If you have any questions about the above list or wellness in general then shoot me a question in the comments below! And if you like the blog post consider sharing it. That way you are a part of spreading the good word of wellness!


Dr. K

Shoulder Pain! UGH! Ways to help with that nagging shoulder pain.

Shoulders. Gotta love em! We take our most mobile joint for granted until…you can’t lift your hand over your head. I’ve been there. Trust me not fun. But why does it get this way and how can we keep it from getting to that point? This little blog is here to help with that problem. So keep reading!

As I said the shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in our body. Go ahead try it. Move it around. See if you can do all that with you low back. No? I thought so. So with this being the most mobile joint we have to keep it moving in order to pick up that drink in front of you, or do your hair.

One of the ways it gets stuck is what is called micro trauma that adds up over time. We slightly damage the shoulder and voila it heals but not the way it should have. Healthy movement after something is damaged is key. It allows the joint and tissues to heal properly. The important thing being “healing properly”. If that doesn’t happen then it continues to not work the way it should.

So what to do? Great question. Healthy movement! Okay I won’t leave you hanging on that one. Healthy movement is doing movement that makes the joint feel better. Usually you can find a movement that makes the joint not feel like it is on fire. So doing repetitions like moving your shoulder back behind your back over and over 10 times will help reduce the pain.

Sometimes it needs a little bit more tender loving care and that is where seeing a chiropractor or someone who can really dig into the muscles to find the culprit is good. It not only helps correct what is wrong but monitoring it for improvements is awesome as well.

Another way to decrease the pain is taking a supplement that has bromelain or turmeric in it. This helps tremendously to get the right type of healing and clear away all the bad stuff. It really is great stuff!

So those are a couple ways to help with that nagging pain in the shoulder. If you have more questions about shoulder pain then let me know in the comments! Ask away! Really I love answering questions!


Dr. K

Chronic Pain revisited: Ways to prevent chronic pain from getting a hold on your life.

Back pain sucks. Let’s just admit it. Pain of any type doesn’t feel good. But what it does is point to something wrong. What I mean is that it tells us that something bad is happening! When you accidentally cut yourself chopping up onions (or whatever it is you are cutting up for dinner) your bodies signals stop doing that! Which is good because if you don’t stop you could potentially harm yourself very badly.

The point of this is to alert you that something is amiss. Chronic pain on the other hand is a difficult thing to deal with because it doesn’t necessarily mean that something is being damaged. It is the interpretation that gets mixed up. Your brain thinks that there is something being damaged which is not always the case. It is faulty wiring so to speak. What we have to do is get those faulty wiring patterns to reset so that there isn’t a message saying,” You’re being damaged!”

So how to do this? It is complicated but in my experience it is a combination of healthy thoughts as well as movement. Healthy movements throughout the day is key. Don’t stand still for long periods and don’t sit for long periods. Every one is different on what is a long time but movement is so good for you that it not only helps your body but your mind! This is good news because you can knock out two birds with one stone.

Simple ways to move is to dance. Yes I know sound funny, but dancing can be a fun way to get healthy movement in as well as make you feel better because you can dance to music! Almost everyone likes some form of music. Music is also a way to unwind your mind and help to reset the pain pathways.

All of this won’t happen overnight. It will take time. And getting checked by a chiropractor or manual therapist can help with stuck joints or muscles that aren’t allowing you to move properly. That is basically what a chiropractor helps with. Getting things unstuck. Well at least in my opinion.

Life is movement. Life is not stagnant. When it becomes stagnant it starts to stink. NO FUN! So do whatever moves you! If it is dancing then dance. If it is playing sports then play sports. Or work out with weights. Life happens so every once in a while get a tune up from a chiropractor to keep the body moving the way we are meant to!


Dr. K

On-Site Chiropractic's Role in Occupational Health

Over the past 10 months I have had the privilege to work with a manufacturing company to meet their needs in the healthcare realm. Chiropractic is a great service to provide a long with prevention of injuries and ergonomics into the workplace to better help the rising health care costs of musculoskeletal injuries. These types of injuries are most common in manufacturing, construction work as well as professions such as dental assistants and office workers. The growing need for companies to provide better health options is on the rise and I believe on-site chiropractic care can help with those needs.

It is not a one-size-fits-all type of healthcare as each company is in need of specific areas. But overall wellness can be achieved in workplaces and decreasing the amount of workplace injuries. One of the main goals of the program I am a part of is to prevent things from occurring and early treatment of those injuries. This means that the employees are getting to go home feeling better all while never leaving work.

I believe this a growing trend for companies who find themselves spending more and more on healthcare costs for their employees. The process for finding what the company is in need of can be long but like anything you want to measure you have to have a starting point. This gives the company something to go on as well as myself. Starting out by goal setting such as, “we want workplace injuries to decrease”, is a good place to start. It can be something like increasing the morale of the company as a whole. Whatever the goal it needs to be written out and how to attain it.

These types of programs can evolve as well. What was once a goal might change into something more specific of more broad so flexibility with this is key. Expertise in the field is a requirement as the needs of the company are diverse and require professional qualifications. A win-win-win strategy for all involved is at the heart of these programs and in the future this type of healthcare will be the model to go on.

Getting Adjusted Makes You Stronger

Bottom Line:


Did you know that a Chiropractic adjustment doesn’t only help reduce your pain levels? It also enables you to get stronger! It’s true. Researchers measured the electrical activity in the arms and legs before, during and after a Chiropractic adjustment. What did they find? An increase in cortical drive post Chiropractic adjustment. That’s science-speak for more strength.


Why it Matters:


Stronger is better. Better stamina, better balance, better coordination, better performance in every area of your life. What will you do with more strength?


- Your brain powers your movements and your strength through your nervous system.

- Adjustments have been shown to increase your cortical drive, which helps make your stronger.

- While one adjustment may not make you a champion powerlifter, this exciting new research is important for all of us who want to live an active lifestyle.



Next Steps:


Pay attention. That’s right, consider being more mindful of where having more strength can be more positive in your life.




Science Source:

Impact of Spinal Manipulation on Cortical Drive to Upper and Lower Limb Muscles. Brain Sciences. 2017. 7,2


Endocannibinoid System and CBD oil: What you need to know

The buzz in the health world right now is all centered around CBD oil and the endocannabinoid system. This system has many global affects on the human body and brain. So much affect that to talk about it here would be overkill but what we are want to accomplish with this post is talk about what it is and how CBD oil can help with some problems you may be experiencing.

First I want to talk about some myths surrounding CBD oil. It is not a psychoactive meaning it won't make you "high" like THC will. It is made from the hemp plant that has a very low concentration of the chemical THC, so it will have no effect on your functioning mind.  It is regulated to contain very minute amounts of that compound so no psychoactive effects can be achieved. The hemp plant contains cannabidiol which is not THC. This CBD oil contains many health benefits of which we will discuss. 

The CBD oil interacts with receptors of the endocannabinoid system which is a part of every part of the body which regulates things such as mood all the way to fertility. It has a big effect on the central nervous system. This has a great potential in things such as pain as well as anxiety and stress. The reason why this is so important is that it can help with pain instead of dangerous opiates. We will discuss a few specific things that this is great for and then some things at the end regarding legality of the oil. 

Stress Response

CBD oil has many affects on the central nervous system including calming down the stress response and anxiety. Why is this important? It helps to balance out the nervous system. It binds to those receptors we talked about earlier and then will send signals to the brain and nervous system to lessen the effects of stress on the body. This means you will feel less stressed and more calm. It has been particularly fascinating on what they are finding with people who suffer from anxiety attacks and it how it can calm down those overwhelming feelings of being anxious.

Pain Modulation

Another interesting and far reaching affect that CBD oil has is on the pain response. When we feel pain the nervous system sends signals to the brain and then we perceive what we know as pain. When we treat the cause of the pain we should feel relief when that is corrected. However many live with chronic pain because our bodies get used to the pain and a little thing can set it off. It is known as desensitization. When this happens it means your nervous system and brain are on "high alert" to anything and it can think that something like a poke is going to damage your body. You thus feel even more pain. It gets complicated but that is a simple way of thinking about it. 

CBD oil can help calm the nervous system down and help protect it. By taking this along with chiropractic care we can get that over sensitive nervous system some time to rest and heal. This is very promising especially with the opiate crisis and the over utilization of harmful drugs. Those types of drugs are addicting and can cause more harm than good. CBD oil does not work with the dopamine system (another system in the brain that deals with rewards) so it is not habit forming. The oil works on the endocannibinoid system. 

Neuroprotective properties

The importance of protecting and feeding your brain is very important. Can't stress that enough. By eating the right foods grown the right way it helps tremendously keep your brain young. But there is another step in what could be with CBD oil. It has a protective effect on the nervous system and has been shown in studies to help regenerate nerves to an extent. This has a huge potential in many neurodegenerative diseases, but still needs more research to make it certain.

This has a very good potential to help with many different states of nervous system health. It does not have a psychoactive effect and it is not addictive which gives it more appeal when talking about using this instead of opioid pain medications. 

I think along with chiropractic care this could help to better regulate the nervous system and has the potential to help with pain especially with a "high alert" nervous system that so many seem to have. 


How Chiropractic helps with runners knee

First off I want to say that I didn't used to like running. It hurt my lungs. But what I have discovered is that it not only helps with all the lung function not to mention overall health but it is a form of stress relief. It is a wonderful way to get a lot of health benefits. It doesn't even have to be long or fast, just get out and run. Walk in the beginning if you have to. I am going to be writing a way to train up to running in the near future. 

Anyways runners can experience a lot of different injuries while running. A common one is what is called runners knee. When the knee joint cannot move and track the way it should when doing repetitive motion such as running then it can rub on the cartilage of the knee cap and create inflammation and pain. When this happens it is best to get things checked out so that you can prolong your running career. This can be a painful thing and might keep you from running altogether. The knee can swell up as well due to the irritation. You can experience popping when going up or down stairs as well as when kneeling down. 

The knee cap is supposed to run along a path that is on your femur (thigh bone). When it tracks off to the left or right then it creates problems. This can be due to tight muscles or a bad gait pattern. Whatever the case it needs to be evaluated in order to keep running pain free and not injuring the area. 

What chiropractic can do for the runner with runners knee is evaluate the gait as well as look at the joint itself. The knee should be stable so not much movement occurs so when it moves too much we look at the pelvic bones and the feet. When the feet or pelvic bones don't move correctly then movement has to come from somewhere else and it usually is the knee. 

Another way it can help is with treating the muscles around the joint. We do that by either doing trigger point therapy or instrument assisted soft tissue. What this does is free up tissue and alert the nervous system that there is an imbalance in the tone of the muscles. When one muscle is working harder then it pulls a certain way. This treatment helps to restore the correct tone in the muscle. 

Whether you like to run for fun and health or you are a competitive runner chiropractic can help keep you running at your best!

Does your health seem to be out of control?

What does your health say about your life? Is it one of balance and peace, or does it seem to be everything might be falling a part? If you are like me you probably fall in between at certain points in your life. Even within the same day. But the word balance is a great word to summarize what health should be. Getting the right conditions in all aspects of life leads to balance. So if you have felt at some point that your health was out of control then have hope! There is a better way to achieve this!

If you are searching to what may have been good health and it turned sour then you are at the right place. In this day and age the health of people have seemed to decline but there are ways to be thriving again. Let's start with a little analogy. When you get a cut or a scrape what happens? It heals right? But how does it do that and how does it know to do it? Well for starters we were created with this amazing ability to heal if given the right conditions. When you get a cut your body does this automatically. It is process that our bodies were made to have. Some amazing things happen in order for this to happen. 

So how does this healing potential get hindered and we end up having all these symptoms that make up our life? It's almost as if something is blocking our bodies ability to correct itself. Ah that might be the answer. What is creating interference to our bodies ability to heal?

For one the food that we eat is a big hindrance to our bodies ability to create homeostasis. Which is nothing more than the body trying to create balance. If we are constantly eating processed and sugary foods and drinks our bodies have to work harder to get rid of it. If all it is doing is focusing on getting rid of bad things then it can't address the problems that these substances are creating in the first place. Don't get me wrong I love a good cinnamon role or pizza but again balance. Balance is key. Making sure you get the right nutrients to sustain life and keep your body in a healing state. The rates at which metabolic diseases keep increasing and a lot of it would be solved if we focused on the food we eat. 

Another reason we have this block of health in our lives is that of physical activity and movement. Sedentary lifestyles have become the norm nowadays and it is not good at all. It is compared to smoking every day. We all know what that does to your body. Getting activity in the form of exercise and movement is a must. We have legs to walk so walk! This is where chiropractic plays a big role in that we find where you are not functioning correctly, specifically the nerves and muscles. The nervous system controls all of our bodily functions including movement and this is probably one of the most important things to keep running efficiently. Get adjusted!

The last thing is our thoughts. It is said that our thoughts make up who we are. What we continually think about day in and day out is what we become. So if we are filling our minds with junk then that will be the output. It is so important to be around people who lift you up and encourage. It is all about love and service to others that help us in this life. So finding and being a loving presence to all you encounter helps to increase your bodies ability to heal. Imagine with me the days before a big test or meeting. All the nerves and preparation lead to a moment and then after that moment occurs what happens? We get sick. Some can relate. But it was all that nervous energy being thought over and over and it does have an impact on our bodies. So fill your mind with good stuff!

Health is a journey and so is healing. There are many limitations to this obviously enough but our bodies were given the blueprints to stay healthy. Use if the right way and you will have balance. 

I hope this answers some questions that you may have about why you might be experiencing health issues. It is not the whole picture but I practice this myself. It can be difficult but definitely worth living a healthy life and enjoying it! If you have any questions just shoot me a message on Facebook or on my website under contact. Thanks!

How chiropractic can help with stress

Stress. We all have an overload of stress at some point in our lives. With the fast paced lifestyle we live in today is it any wonder we do? Finding balance seems harder than ever. If you are like the millions who try many methods to combat stress with little to no effect there is hope! Finding balance in your life is possible with practice. 

Discipline in key areas of your life can help you to not feel overwhelmed when the stress gets too much. I don't believe that stress just goes away. If you have lived long enough you know that to be true. One of those disciplines is health. When we lose our health we understand how important it really is and we always are searching of ways to get it back. What if I told you that by changing a few things, just simple things, can help to improve your response to stress and over time you will be able to deal with stress in a positive way?

Start off by paying attention to what you eat. If you notice you are eating out a lot as well as eating processed and refined foods such as the snack bars, then that might be contributing to your health. By taking out some of the snacks we eat and replacing them with healthy alternatives such as nuts or a veggie then you will start to feel better. Find a veggie you like or somewhat like and start eating that at for a mid afternoon snack. 

Another thing is the tension you feel when you get bogged down. Stress in any form can make us tense up. The key is to getting it to calm down after a little bit. That should be a normal response of our bodies but often times we get so used to thinking about the stress over and over that we forget to relax. It's not as easy as just telling yourself to relax but a committed practice of filling your mind with encouraging thoughts and hanging out with people who encourage you on. 

With this tension comes pain in the form of muscle pain and joint pain. When this becomes the norm we don't feel like doing active things that actually keep us healthy. It becomes this perpetual cycle of feeling pain and soreness. This can affect our minds as well. One of the best ways to alleviate this is by getting adjusted. When we are properly adjusted the tension melts away. When getting adjusted it calms down the muscle response to tighten and helps with overall stress. It not only affects your muscles but can indirectly affect your mood as well. We make sure that you are aligned to better move and not feel the tension and pain. When you feel that way you want to do more active things which is a must in order to stay healthy. 

Eating healthy alternative snacks in the form of veggies such as carrots or a fruit, keeping your mind sharp in the way of being around encouraging people who drive you, and getting adjusted on a regular basis will start you on the right path to feeling better about stress and you will find yourself not thinking about it as much. This will further drive you to discover more of what life has to offer!

Chiropractor in Goshen talks about chiropractic care for low back pain

There has been a lot of recent news about low back pain and for good reason. There are millions of people in the U.S. and the world that suffer from low back pain. The current use of opioids can lead to reliance on these medications with disastrous results in your health. There are better options for low back pain as we will discuss. 

There are plenty of side effects from taking pain medications that can range in severity. With all these side effects we must look at better conservative options that are proven to work. One of those options is chiropractic care. Chiropractors have been treating pain in the spine and extremities for over 100 years and with great results. I often wonder why this isn't the gold standard when it comes to neck or back pain. When I was growing up that was just common sense to visit the chiropractor for my back pain during basketball. It works. 

Chiropractic is a gentle treatment that is non-invasive to the body. It aligns the bodies structure so that it can work better. When there are joints in the body that do not move and cause friction in the joints then we experience pain. Without getting it corrected it can lead to even more pain down the road. 

My philosophy has always been to look at the pelvis first and work up the spine. Think of the pelvis as the foundation of your spine. When the foundation is in alignment and moving correctly then the spine has a good starting point for movement. When this foundation is not correct then we compensate for that lack of movement and things can go haywire. Think of it this way. If you were to build a house would you let the contractors build upon the concrete that has big cracks in it? I would hope not, because after awhile the house will settle on those cracks and not be right until the foundation is patched or corrected. The same is true for our bodies. We must have a good solid foothold to build upon. 

The good news is that correcting the alignment of the pelvis can be easier than trying to fix the foundation of a house. There are limitations to everything but having a chiropractor who knows what to look for and how to properly correct the pelvis it can dramatically help the low back pain. 

What we do as a chiropractor in Goshen is that we check the level of the pelvis. If one is misaligned then it needs to be corrected first. We do this by adjusting the pelvis in a side lying posture. After this adjustment you should see some relief in your low back pain. It can be a little sore because of the inflammation that was present in the joint. Chiropractic for low back pain is a great way to find relief from your low back pain. I think in the future chiropractic for low back pain will be the gold standard. It has helped many people and will continue to help many people in the future. I love what I do and love helping people get pain free and get their life back!

Why knee pain might not be coming from the knee

If you have ever had knee pain then you know it can be troublesome to deal with. I myself have had multiple knee surgeries to repair meniscus as well as ACL tears. I'll be the first to tell you they are not all. But why do we get knee pain or tear ligaments in the first place? Through my journey through chiropractic and gait analysis as well as learning the biomechanics of all the joints in the body I have a better understanding of why I tore those ligaments in the first place and how chiropractic can help with knee pain. 

The knee is one of the joints in the body that allows walking to occur. It swings front to back when we walk, run, or jump. This is such an important joint because it allows us to interact with our environment. When we get knee pain or even worse a tear, we don't feel like moving around much. The knee joint should be stable. Meaning it should have movement but not too much movement. What I mean by that is that there should not be movement like you have in your shoulder or your hips. If that happens then the ligaments have become lax and you are more prone to injury. 

The cause of so much laxity in the joint doesn't necessarily mean that it started in the knee. What I find most often is tightness in the hips as well as the SI joints that cause the knee to move more. Think of it like this, we are supposed to be able to move our hips in a wide range. It is a ball and socket joint, which is meant and designed to move in all planes of motion. When that ball and socket joint can't do what it was designed to do then other joints in your body have to make up for that lack of movement. Usually it is the knees and low back. When the knees and low back have more stress out on them, then pain begins to creep in. 

What we usually think is coming from the knee can actually be from lack of movement in the hips and SI joint. You do this for years and you start to get decreased joint space in the knees and you're looking at a knee replacement down the road. We want to prevent this from occurring. It all begins in the hips and SI joint. 

So getting movement out of the hip joints is a must. Stop sitting so much! But really sitting can cause your hips to get stiff and lose that normal movement. Getting out and walking a little bit even 5 minutes is going to be beneficial for you if you do it regularly. Also getting your SI joint aligned will benefit greatly from this. I always think if I would have had my SI joint checked every month while playing sports would my knee injuries have been different? Who knows it might not have but I think that it would have helped the severity of it. So next time you get knee pain get it checked by a good chiropractor that knows how to check the pelvis and its structures because it could save you in the long run. 

Stretches that a back pain sufferer can do at home

"What are some ways that I can do things at home so that my back pain will not get worse?" I get asked questions like this quite often and I recommended a good stretching routine that can benefit your back pain when you are in a pinch. Stretching allows the muscles to feel less stiff and perform better. This will help with the health of your joints. How it does that is by decreasing the amount of compression that the muscles put on the joints. This is a good thing. 

The following stretches are great for keeping the compressive forces of everyday living from impacting your low back and the pain associated with it. 

Psoas Stretch

The psoas muscle attaches directly the the lower back vertebra. This means that if it is tight due to too much sitting, it can cause some low back pain. This stretch is a little difficult to master but well worth it. Start by doing a lunge but keep your back in an upright position. Then lean toward from the forward leg. This will allow a good stretch in the psoas. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 2 more times. Doing this will not create a bad force in the spine while still stretching the psoas out. 



This stretch is great for keeping the spine mobile. It will feel great to move your spine this way and you will see great benefits to your overall spine health. Start by getting on your hands and knees. Gently flex and extend the entire spine. One cycle should take about 4 seconds. Do 5 cycles of this and see how your low back pain feels. 



Gluteus Stretch

This next stretch is great for the glutes and the piriformis muscle. These muscles affect the SI joint which is typically referred to to the hip but it is a different joint. This stretch is a great way to stay mobile and will help with tension in the hip musculature as well as the nerves that travel near it.  Start off slowly and work your way up. You want to lay on your back and then bring one leg over onto the knee as if crossing the legs when sitting. Then grab your other leg and pull slightly. You should feel a good stretch with this one. Go slow with it and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 3 times and switch to the other leg. 

These stretches will help to improve the muscle compression on your joints and help to improve mobility in your spine and pelvis. These are great in conjunction with getting chiropractic adjustments to restore the proper motion in the spine and pelvis. 

How to Keep Your Discs Healthy

Your spine is made up of a few different joints between each vertebra and like a joint they act to enhance movement and make movement easier. One of these joints is between the vertebra and the spinal disc. The disc acts as a shock absorber for the spine and a lot of the energy and compressing we experience throughout the day is transmitted to the disc. We often hear about someone who has a herniated disc or a bulging disc. Those structures are prone to essentially rupturing when certain points of stress are put on it for too long. When that happens it is not a good feeling. The symptoms are most often pain, tingling, or numbness in the leg and foot. Even a weakness of the leg and foot can be associated with it. 

Many people seek out treatment for this every day. So what exactly can we do to maintain the disc health and why you should take this seriously, especially if you already experience low back pain or neck pain. 

It all starts with getting the right nutrients so that your body can use them to repair and maintain the structures in the correct way. Manganese and vitamin C are crucial to repair and maintenance of ligaments and tendons and are greatly beneficial when dealing with disc problems. This allows the body to repair it better and more efficiently when the right amounts are used. 

Another thing is walking. Most people don't want to walk when their back is hurting or legs but walking with arms swinging is a great way for help the disc "pump" and remove waste as well as get the right fluid in the disc to repair it. A simple 10 minute walk with arms moving can help to decrease the pain sensitivity that a bulging or herniated disc can cause. 

Probably the best way to keep spinal discs healthy is chirorpactic adjustments. Adjustments help to correct lack of movement in the joints and restore the proper movement. It also helps to "pump" the disc and help to heal the material that may be damaged. With the proper adjustments given it can really help with the health of your spinal discs as well as decrease the pain that you are feeling.