5 Natural Remedies for Stress and Anxiety

Stress is becoming more common in today’s world with the fast paced lifestyle. No one is immune from the effects of living in that type of lifestyle. It will catch up. Stress has been shown to increase the risk for Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and other metabolic diseases. This should make you perk up and pay attention to the alarming rates of these diseases today. There are medications out there that help to calm and control stress and anxiety but they are short lived and the side effects are a list long.

More and more people are turning to natural treatments for stress and anxiety for good reason. There are many benefits to go with the natural option. Those being it works and there are hardly any side effects from the natural route.

Here are 5 ways to combat stress naturally.

  1. Theanine

This compound is found in high concentrations in green tea. If you don’t like green tea then getting it in supplement form is a good option. There are many supplements that have a combination of herbs and theanine. It can cross the blood-brain-barrier fairly good so you will notice the calming effects on the brain.

2. Exercise


Exercise has shown many times over that it is good for overall health and well-being. This includes in that a stress reducing and anxiety reducing effect. Getting plenty of exercise each day will help boost up your mood and make stress…well less stressful. A simple 30 minute walk everyday can boost your bodies natural stress reliever.

3. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil


With all the buzz surrounding CBD and Hemp oil there is a lot to filter out. The verdict is that this stuff works and works well. It works on the endocanninioid system. This system helps to regulate the bodies ability to keep things in balance. So it balances out all the systems of your body. It also has great anti-anxiety benefits. Getting the right dose and content is crucial. So make sure when you are trying out a product get it from a reputable chiropractor or physician.

4. Adrenal Supplements


Stress depletes your adrenal glands due to the adrenal glands main function to combat the chemical stress of the body. By using supplements targeted toward boosting up your adrenals then you can better handle stress and anxiety.

5. Lavendar


Using Lavendar essential oil either by diffusing or using it as a steam can greatly help with relaxing the stress away. It has been used for years for calming. It can also help you sleep better. The compounds work on the brain for a calming effect.

These used alone or in combination will help you to feel less stress and anxiety so that you can get back to living!

Stress 101: Feeling burnt out

Stress affects us all in varying degrees. When the feelings of stress override our natural ability to bounce back we are drained and even more stressed. In this post we will talk about what is called HPA axis dysfunction and the progression of burnout.

Stress is actually a good thing. It becomes bad when it is chronic and we don’t get the rest we need to for our bodies to continue keeping on. There are many ways to talk about stress but today we are specifically talking about the HPA axis and it’s role in the chemical control of stress.

When stress is perceived, our hypothalamus, a part of the brain, releases a hormone called CRH which stimulates another part of the brain, pituitary gland, to secrete ACTH. ACTH is another hormone, that directly acts on the adrenal gland to secrete cortisol. Cortisol is one of the main indicators of a stress response in the body that can be measured within saliva.

Normally these hormones are kept in a fine balance so that there are no extremes. This is mostly performed on circadian cycle, or your sleep cycle. Cortisol normally should be dominant in the morning to wake up and taper off throughout the day for when you sleep. Cortisol acts mainly to shunt activity away from long term metabolic processes such as digestion toward those that mainly keep you alive, like finding something to eat. When cortisol is secreted on a chronic basis it literally shuts off activity to places that help to regulate homeostasis. Such things as digestion gets messed up and doesn’t function right. It suppresses immune system function as well.

So if you are under chronic stress for a long time even though you may feel like everything is going okay, your cells say a different matter. So that feeling of burn out is literally true you are burning through your bodies cells and tissues in this state.

So when thinking of stress it is not just, “ I feel stressed all the time”, it is literally breaking down tissues in your body that helps you to function normally such as brain tissue.

As we go further in depth into the physiology of the stress response I want to point your attention to the fact that cortisol is great when it is regulated the right way. Further blog posts will discuss the solution to the feeling of burnt out.


Dr. K

The Art of Mindfullness

I talk with a lot of people about the health of your mind. I truly believe that this can have the power to change your life, for the good! I don't know about you but I have days where I am just in a rut and I things just never go right. I often wonder if it was the circumstances that make it bad or was it my thinking?

That is up for interpretation. See we always have bad things happen to us. No one is immune to that. But what we do have control over is our mindset and how we react to those circumstances. I do believe, however, that some circumstances contribute to our thinking but by ruminating over those events causes even more problems with our minds and the outlook on our lives. The long list of bad things that occur would be enough to put anyone in an asylum.

But what makes the most fulfilled and joy filled person the way they are? Is it genetics? Is it a problem free life? I think both of those are wrong. The answer lies in the thoughts and core beliefs we believe about ourselves. See, what I believe in most strongly is a healthy mind and soul. When we create discord in our minds due to circumstances and our past then we get froze to move into a future that inspires freedom. We must slowly rewire those false beliefs that are at our core to be able to move ahead to be fulfilled. 

I know I have been in the cycle of false beliefs about myself a time or two. It is not a fun place to be. Why there is those false beliefs takes a little time to uncover but there is something that we can do to help become more aware of those thoughts. It is called mindfullness. It is a lot like meditation except you try to focus on where you are at in the present moment. 

So to start this out you want to be in a somewhat quiet place. Quiet works best so you can focus without distractions. Sit in a comfortable spot. Could be a chair or couch. Whatever works for you. Close your eyes or gaze at something that would not be distracting such as a single color wall. You want to focus on the rhythm of your breathing. The up and down of your breath. This will be a focus point if you get distracted. Next focus on how your body feels. Any pain that you sense or no pain. How the chair feels beneath you, or tight or sore muscles. Notice how it feels, not to bring attention to the pain but just to bring awareness to where you at in the moment. Continue to breath and bring the focus back to the breath. 

Focus on your breath for another 2 minutes and then you are done! This is a simple exercise to do to unwind the busyness of the mind when it comes to stress and anxiety. There are more in depth ways to do this but I suggest starting out slowly to develop a habit of it. Over time and with practice you will notice that you are calmer and more in the present instead of worrying about the past or future. 

I myself really try to focus on scripture in the Bible while doing this. Filling your mind with TRUTH and not the lies we all believe is essential to having a healthier mind and life! 




How chiropractic can help with stress

Stress. We all have an overload of stress at some point in our lives. With the fast paced lifestyle we live in today is it any wonder we do? Finding balance seems harder than ever. If you are like the millions who try many methods to combat stress with little to no effect there is hope! Finding balance in your life is possible with practice. 

Discipline in key areas of your life can help you to not feel overwhelmed when the stress gets too much. I don't believe that stress just goes away. If you have lived long enough you know that to be true. One of those disciplines is health. When we lose our health we understand how important it really is and we always are searching of ways to get it back. What if I told you that by changing a few things, just simple things, can help to improve your response to stress and over time you will be able to deal with stress in a positive way?

Start off by paying attention to what you eat. If you notice you are eating out a lot as well as eating processed and refined foods such as the snack bars, then that might be contributing to your health. By taking out some of the snacks we eat and replacing them with healthy alternatives such as nuts or a veggie then you will start to feel better. Find a veggie you like or somewhat like and start eating that at for a mid afternoon snack. 

Another thing is the tension you feel when you get bogged down. Stress in any form can make us tense up. The key is to getting it to calm down after a little bit. That should be a normal response of our bodies but often times we get so used to thinking about the stress over and over that we forget to relax. It's not as easy as just telling yourself to relax but a committed practice of filling your mind with encouraging thoughts and hanging out with people who encourage you on. 

With this tension comes pain in the form of muscle pain and joint pain. When this becomes the norm we don't feel like doing active things that actually keep us healthy. It becomes this perpetual cycle of feeling pain and soreness. This can affect our minds as well. One of the best ways to alleviate this is by getting adjusted. When we are properly adjusted the tension melts away. When getting adjusted it calms down the muscle response to tighten and helps with overall stress. It not only affects your muscles but can indirectly affect your mood as well. We make sure that you are aligned to better move and not feel the tension and pain. When you feel that way you want to do more active things which is a must in order to stay healthy. 

Eating healthy alternative snacks in the form of veggies such as carrots or a fruit, keeping your mind sharp in the way of being around encouraging people who drive you, and getting adjusted on a regular basis will start you on the right path to feeling better about stress and you will find yourself not thinking about it as much. This will further drive you to discover more of what life has to offer!