Chiropractic Adjustments



Your brain is the master control of your body’s physiology. It controls things like heartbeat, blood pressure, body temperature and breathing. You don’t even have to think about these things your brain just does it. It is a wonderful thing. As long as the brain is communicating with the body then these systems work to keep you in what is called homeostasis, which is the bodies ability to keep everything in balance. For example: when you have a fever that is your bodies way of fighting off an infection to get back to homeostasis. If you really think about it your body is amazing!

The problem is however when things are out of balance for so long you start to experience multiple different types of symptoms that are more chronic in nature. One of these can be pain or other types of dysfunction. When we are out of sync then we don’t feel as we should or function as we should. We are exposed to different types of stress to our bodies in the form of traumas, our emotional states, and chemical stress. Most of the time our bodies can handle these without a problem. It is when your brain gets overloaded with all this information that the communication from your brain to your physiology (rest of your bodies systems) that we need to bring that back into balance in other ways.

How often do I need to be seen?

Dr. Kauffman will recommend a few treatments over the course of a month to restore the normal function of the brain communication pathways. Initial treatment consists of 3 visits. This way Dr. Kauffman can monitor how your body is reacting to the treatment. Our bodies respond very well to these treatments but our bodies are constantly going through change and added stress, so maintenance treatment is needed when those issues arise.

How often should I get maintenance treatments?

That depends on the severity and length of the condition. We recommend once every 4-6 weeks. Our bodies go through replenishing cycles all the time. We are renewing our cells every day and those new cells are exposed to new stresses. So maintaining homeostasis is ongoing throughout our lives.

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