Chiropractic During Pregnancy


Chiropractic during pregnancy has many benefits that range. One of the biggest reasons to seek out chiropractic care during pregnancy is decrease in the pain associated with the hips and low back. Another reason to seek out chiropractic care during pregnancy is for a healthy birth. The pelvis is greatly influenced during pregnancy and having them checked for correct biomechanical movement will greatly help during the birth.

There is a chiropractic analysis and technique called Webster’s technique that greatly influences the position of the pelvis and other structures so that baby can move around better. It has proven helpful in a breech position baby.

Dr. Kauffman has adjusted many pregnant moms with great results in pain and a smoother delivery! Having an easier delivery is both beneficial for mom and baby! We would love to have a chat to discuss to see if we could help with chiropractic care during pregnancy!

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